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Urban Living

Urban Living was born when passion for design met with scintilla of décor. The impetus behind initiation of this venture is to instigate an effortless and sumptuous adornment of your home. Urban living entails the distinct décor for a noteworthy interior design and ornamentation; hence, our products are sourced and handmade with impeccable caliber, that enhances your home. We believe that every corner of your home raconteur the need for decoration and aurora; therefore, we are set on a goal to create a wonderful space with our products. The essence of our décor articles lies in the timelessness and aesthetics that fabricates an identity of luxury.



Urban living accommodates the chic and eloquent articles to spark an ambience with minimalist approach, such as, replacing an old centerpiece of your drawing table with a 16th century Greek sculpture, glooming the décor of your living room. Similarly, you can always change your balcony into a quintessential space, touched with big flower marble bouquet assisted with incandescent lights to create a cynosure. The expression of living a convalescent and finer life comes from the taste of desiring luxury and leisure, thus, we propound an extravagant lifestyle with mellifluous felicity just by ameliorating your space with Urban Living.

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