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Fun Lohri Decoration Ideas To Try At Home This Year

Fun Lohri Decoration Ideas To Try At Home This Year

Celebrated with great festivity and pomp, Lohri is a popular North Indian Festival, celebrated exclusively in the states of Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana. The festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of longer days.


Usually celebrated on the 13th of January every year, just a day before Makar

Sankranti, Lohri is a great time for people to come together and have fun with friends and families.


In addition to all the festivities, Lohri is also a festival for beautiful decorations and bonfires. There are endless decorative options that you can use to decorate your abode for the festival of Lohri.


To decorate your home for Lohri, you can use various color decorations like paper lanterns, balloons, streamers, etc. You can even use traditional Lohri-themed decorations such as dills, posters, and other artworks.


Some other ideas for Lohri decorations include setting up a bonfire, displaying

Lohri-related items like corn husks and wheat stalks, and even setting up a food table with all the traditional Lohri treats.


No matter what decoration you choose, make sure to have fun and get creative with your Lohri Decorations. If you are looking forward to buying some home decor products online for Lohri, then you have come to the right place; in this article, we have made a

list of 5 Best home decor products availaible online. Stay tuned


  1. Artificial Millet Flowers


Lohri is a festival often associated with grains and their harvesting and is celebrated to mark the harvesting of rabi crops. This makes these Artificial Millet flowers one of Lohri's best home decor pieces. They are subtle and beautiful in their own way and can enhance your overall Lohri Decorations.

You can buy these beautiful artificial millet flowers online from Urban living.com, which is one of the best home decor stores.


  1. Vibrant Velvet Patterned Cushion Cover

Lohri is all about vibrant colors and patterns, and if you wish to perfectly decorate your place, you must get your hands on these Patterned Velvet cushion covers from Urban

living.com. Available in many vibrant colors and patterns, these cushions are perfect for your living room and add charm to your Lohri decorations.


  1. Classic Candle Stand With Glass

Looking for High-quality home decor products online? Then why don't you look at the wide range of home decor products offered by Urban Living.com? They are one of the best home decor stores online that cater to the best service in their field. One such product is their Classic candle stand with glass, which is a perfect decoration for Lohri. This classic candle stand has been designed with utmost creativity, and it holds power to add drama and a touch of spice to any boring corner of your house.


  1. Eclectic Iron Luxury Vase Set Of 3

If you are a fan of Luxury showpieces, this one can be the perfect home decor addition to your Lohri Decorations. Made with high-quality iron and carefully designed to create a classy look, this Electric Iron Luxury vase showpiece comes in 3 and can be brought from Urban Living.com. All their products are of top quality and are crafted especially for beautiful homes like yours.


  1. Foldable Butler Black Tray Table

Want to present all your Lohri treats in style? Then you should get your hands on this Foldable Butler Brack tray table from Urban Living.com. This beautiful tray table is versatile and can present all the treats you want for Lohri.


That's it, for now, readers. We hope you enjoyed reading about these beautiful home decor ideas and will surely get your hands on some of them. Light up your place and get it ready for all the celebrations. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and

Prosperous Lohri.

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